Diversity and Cultural Connections

Distance Learning Diversity and Cultural Connection Preview

Through Diversity and Cultural Connections, students will have opportunities to connect with, learn from, communicate with, and gain an appreciation of others that extends beyond the classroom walls.   

Each month there will be 1-2 video conference connections with presentations on cultural awareness, history, traditions, and experiences from individuals and organizations.  Schools can sign up to participate as interactive sites, view only sites, or to receive the recording to use later.

By celebrating diversity and culture, we hope these connections help in planting seeds of understanding, belonging and harmony in our connected world as students not only see themselves represented in their schools but see the representation of and get to know a little about those who differ as well.  

Through the use of modern videoconferencing technology we aim to create inclusive,  globally connected citizens one connection at a time.

2023-2024 Diversity and Cultural Connection Recordings

Coming Soon: Sacred Place of Pele by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

2022-2023 Diversity and Cultural Connection Recordings


The mission of the E2CCB DL Diversity and Cultural Connections program is to
provide enriching learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls for teachers
and students to connect, understand, notice, celebrate, and foster belonging
within the similarities and differences of others in our world.


The vision of the E2CCB DL Diversity and Cultural Connections program is in
sharing the voices and experiences of others we can create greater compassion
for cultures, traditions, religions, and experiences of others across our shared humanity.