Our Mission

Our mission as the NYS Distance Learning Consortium is to provide opportunities, services, and professional development related to distance learning and e-learning. Using 21st century learning technologies and solutions, we enrich student learning by enhancing and expanding the traditional role of education through virtual environments. 

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Our Vision

In support of the educational community in the 21st century, the New York State Distance Learning Consortium intends:

What is Distance Learning?

"Distance learning” has come to mean far more than simply sharing information across a geographic distance. With many definitions of distance learning such as e-learning (computer-based online learning), video based (interactive videoconferencing), and voice based (Webinar), distance learning helps bridge the gap in educational opportunities and enhances educational learning experiences for students, teachers, and communities.


What are the Benefits of Distance Learning?

Distance learning enables districts to offer courses to their students that they might not otherwise have access to. It provides flexibility in scheduling, expands course offerings, and enables students to learn and operate in a setting that is comfortable to them. Students are able to take college level courses without leaving their building. Distance learning enhances collaboration and creativity while encouraging differentiated instruction. Students can be exposed to experts around the globe, breaking down geographic barriers in education and bringing communities together.

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