Grades: Pre K–3 ■ October

Two classrooms will pair up and each class will create a monster using materials from the approved materials list. The class will write a description of the monster and send the description to the partner class. Each class will recreate the monster based only on the written description. The classes will connect to compare their recreated monsters with the original monster.

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Grades: K-2 ■ November

Two classrooms will pair up and each student will create a disguise for a turkey from an approved materials list. The class will choose which turkey will be caught. Next the class will create clues and a turkey grid and send the information to its partner class. The classes will connect through videoconferencing to figure out which turkey got caught.

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Katie Yodice

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Grades: Pre-K-1 ■ December

Two classrooms will pair up and students will compare what they see and experience within their local communities and create a class book or poster. The book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, will be used as the model. Each student will also create a puppet of his or her favorite animal in the story and share it with the partner class.

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Around the State of NY in 60 Minutes

Grade: 4 ■ December (tentative)

Students in fourth grade will connect through a four-way videoconference in four separate regions of New York State. Students will be presented clues and information from geography, history, economics, and current events in relation to their region. Each participating classroom will conduct a presentation and provide clues about their region. The goal of the project is for participating students to make inferences from the clues provided by the presentations and determine which region the others are from.

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Winter Holiday Caroling/Singalong

Grades: Pre K-12 ■  December

Please join the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) and the New York State Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC), along with classes of students from around the state of New York, for an interactive holiday carol sing-along connection! Each school selected as an interactive site will have an opportunity to sing for all the other schools! All participants will be muted during the connection (unless/until it’s their turn to sing, if applicable) but are still welcome-- and highly encouraged!!-- to sing along in their classrooms. Holiday-inspired clothing and accessories are also highly encouraged!!!

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(NYSDLC Members)

The Mitten

Grades: Pre-K-3 ■  January

Two classrooms will pair up and each class will read the story The Mitten before the videoconference. The class will use mitten cut-outs to create a mitten with animals. Each class will learn about each animal in the story and write clues about each animal. The classes will then connect through videoconference to have the class guess which animal the other class has hidden in its mitten by the clues given.

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100 Days of School

Grades: K-1 ■ February 

The 100 Days of School Collaboration allows Kindergarten through Second Grade classrooms to celebrate 100 days of school by collaborating with other classrooms throughout NYS! Students will be excited to participate in an interactive collaboration that includes Math, Reading and Problem Solving with other classrooms. The collaboration has been authentically aligned to NYS Next Generation Math & ELA Standards and the NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards. Each grade level will have a customized connection with differentiating options. All resources are provided.

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Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato

Grades: 1-4 ■ mid-March

Two classrooms pair up for each session and each class will read the story Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato by Tomie de Paola before the videoconference. The class will use the potato template to create a potato man or woman. The class will write a description of its potato man or woman and send it to the partner class via email. Each class will recreate the potato man or woman based only on the written description. The classes will connect through videoconference to compare their recreated potato people with the original.

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Mad Libs

Grades: 4-6 ■ end of March

Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where one player prompts another for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story. These word substitutions have a humorous effect when the resulting story is then read aloud. The classes will connect through vc and each group will ask for the parts of speech missing in the stories and then read the story with the words offered by the partnering class.

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Flat Stanley

Grades: 1-4 ■ May

This project provides an opportunity for students to make a videoconference connection with students of other member schools who have signed up with the project. Students begin by reading the book, Flat Stanley. Then they make a paper “Flat Stanley” (or pictures of the “Stanley Lambchop” character) and keep a journal for a few days, documenting the adventures includes places and activities in which Flat Stanley is involved.

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Erie Canal

Grade: 4 ■ May

Erie Canal Mystery Through History is an interactive distance learning experience for 4th grade students. Students learn about other communities near the Erie Canal, as well as explore more about the historical relevance of the Erie Canal on their community. The Mystery Through History showcases 4 suspects (Businessman, Canal boat Captain, Inventor, and Canal Worker). Inspector J. leads the students through the investigation as students ask each suspect where they were during the robbery, what they do on the canal boat, why were they on the canal boat, and if they can add anything to the investigation. With each question the students are able to gather evidence about historical information about jobs, life on the Erie Canal, economics, geography, immigration, and cultural information about the Erie Canal. A second optional connection allows classrooms to present a project they created about the Erie Canal. One of the suspects makes a surprise appearance during this connection. This connection is aligned to ELA Next Gen & NYS Computer Science & Digital Fluency Standards as well as the Social Studies Framework.

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These collaboration events are only available to school districts that participate in their local BOCES/RIC Distance Learning Program.